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Box-Tracking & Tracing

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smbtt is a software and service product useful for the management and tracking of circulating reusable containers ("boxes"):

  • Complete tracking and tracing of any container or other object known to the system with simple technologies.

  • Instant overview of the current location and use of any container.

  • Management of value, status and degree of usage of the containers with the purpose of service optimization.

  • Extensive reports and figures.

  • Minimum startup and rollout effort, immediate improvement of process quality and reduction of cost.

  • No expensive IT investment necessary - there will soon be a 24*7 on demand solution available at!

  • Flexible client/server-architecture, portabel, lasting, robust, modular und easy to handle.

  • Both versions (on demand and local system) are scalable, limited only by the hardware costs.

  • Easy, efficient, multi language web user interface.

  • Individual corporate identity user interface for each operating company and even for each participating customer.

  • Direct automated generation of billing positions.

  • Connect smbtt to your existing ERP / SCM / Financial software using competitive electronic data interchange method.

  • Connect smbtt directly to WMS software like storagement Realtime-WMS (

  • Locate and geo-track your containers using GNSS (global satellite navigation systems) like GPS or mobile phone positioning services.

  • Web services allow the easy creation of individual interfaces and functions.

For more information or a demo account please send an email to or call us at +49(30)215081-0, we are looking forward to your questions.

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Image legally bought from Getty Images removed due to their illegal license handling

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Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Stefan Brunthaler


smbtt is a product of
Dr. Brunthaler Industrielle Informationstechnik GmbH, Motzstrasse 5, 10777 Berlin -

In cooperation with asitos GmbH and AILog Institute
at TFH Wildau (University of Applied Sciences),
Bahnhofstrasse 1, 15745 Wildau (near Berlin)

Version: 03.09.2006
Author. DrB